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Apollo Solar Technology

Apollo Solar Technology (Pty) Ltd is a sustainable/alternate energy company. Its main focus is the supply of Low and High Pressure  solar water heaters  and also  evacuated solar tube conversions  and  flat plate solar conversions . The Apollo Solar Technology systems have been deployed throughout South Africa with orders from the neighboring states being recently received. Due to the quality and job creation initiatives by Apollo Solar TEchnology we now have agencies in all the S.A.D.C states. As mentioned before we employ qualified, professional and reliable installers who in turn train locals, to create a database for local upliftment of communities, job creation, skills transfer and social beneficiation. Apollo Solar Technology is committed to creating and sustaining a green economic model for South Africa.

Solar geyser installations

Except in rare instances, SWH systems are installed with no electrical back up required. The integrated tank has a back up electric heating element to ensure a reliable supply of hot water. Temperature stability of a system is dependent on the ratio of the volume of water used per day as a fraction of the size of the water tank that stores the hot water. The amount of heating that needs to take place every day is proportional to hot water usage and not the size of the reservoir Our typical installation takes no longer than 5 hours. Our Electrical Backup System comes with a 1 year Guarantee. All  Solar Geysers Technology's  Apollo Solar Technology Water Heating Geysers come with a 5 Year Guarantee. Read more  about our solar geyser installations, products and  financing services .

Installation Guidelines

Installation of the  Solar Geysers Technology  system must only be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with all the provisions of current law, the recommendation of national standards, any local regulations and the rules of competent workmanship.

  • All work associated with the installation must comply with local authority regulations.

  • Do not remove or disable any safety devices.

  • To reduce the risk of scald injury it is recommended that a temperature control valve be fitted to the hot water supply pipe work. This valve should be checked at regular intervals to ensure its operation and settings remain correct.

  • The  solar water heater  is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. Young children should always be supervised to ensure that they do not play with hot water taps or the water heater.

  • Do not commence an installation until you have satisfied yourself that all safety issues associated with working on and lifting components onto a roof have been addressed.

  • Do not turn on the power supply until the solar water heater has been filled with water and pressurized.

  • Do not fill the closed circuit system with any toxic mixture.

  •  Contact us  for any information regarding the use or installation of solar geyser systems.

Solar Geyser Technology Areas

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