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SA Solar Technology 200ℓ High Pressure Coiler Solar Geyser

SA Solar Technology 200ℓ High Pressure Coiler Solar Geyser

Short Description:

The SA Solar Technology 200ℓ High Pressure Coiler Solar Geyser is a Thermosiphon solar collector which provides mains pressure pre-heating via a high efficiency copper coil heat exchanger located within the solar collector tank. The way in which the Mains Pressure solar collector heats water is the same as the Non pressure solar collector. Rather than using the water in the tank directly, as the Non pressure does, the type uses a 45~60 copper coil heat exchanger inside the tank which provides more than 1.2mP2P of heat transfer area. When water flows though the coil it absorbs heat from the water inside the solar collector tank. The solar collector tank is therefore a thermal store.


  1. * The advantage of this is that there are no moving parts, which means no maintenance.
  2. * Cold water heat up goes though copper coil pipe inside tank, fast conduct heat.
  3. * The water in the tank simply serves as a heat transfer medium.
  4. * No mixture of water inside tank, therefore temperature is in constant.
  5. * No pressure inside tank. Water tank will have a longer lifespan.
  6. * Can connect to existing electrical geyser and backup element.
  7. * Hail/Freeze resistance on tubes and tank.
  8. * Easy to install
  9. * 15-20 Years long lifespan.