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SA Solar Technology 150 Liter Direct Solar Geyser High Pressure System

SA Solar Technology 150L High-Pressure Direct solar geyser

Short Description:

SA Solar Technology 150 Liter Direct Solar Geyser High Pressure System can be used in frost and frost-free locations and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total Dissolved Solids/Minerals). The SA Solar Technology 150 Liter Direct Solar Geyser High Pressure System, is where the water to be used in the household (hot water) circulates through the solar vacuum tubes manifold, transferring solar energy into the storage tank of the solar water heater. This direct system is installed as a Close Coupled System (thermosyphon circulation), where the solar water heater is installed outside on the roof and above the solar vacuum tubes.


  1. * The SA Solar Technology Water Heater Direct System complies with SANS 1307, is SABS 400kPa approved and can be used as a close coupled system or split system.
  2. * The inner cylinder is manufactured from 2mm steel and thermo fused porcelain enameled for cylinder longevity and hygiene.
  3. * Polyurethane insulation between the inner cylinder and outer casement reduces energy and heat loss.
  4. * 2x aluminum sacrificial anodes are fitted for corrosion protection.
  5. * The solar water heater has an isolator switch fitted on the front end dome (IPX4 rated) and designed for domestic hot water application in conjunction with an array of solar vacuum tubes.
  6. * The two extra water connections required for connecting the manifold above the solar vacuum tubes, and the booster element, ensures that the solar water heater can be used as a conventional electric water heater and as a solar water heater.
  7. * The solar water heater thermostat will automatically switch on when the incoming hot water from the manifold above the solar vacuum tubes, has not reached the set temperature setting on the thermostat. This will occur on cloudy days and at night when the water temperature drops in the solar water heater or when hot water is drawn off and cold water enters the solar water heater.