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Solar Geysers Technology Who We Are

Who are we?

Solar Geyser Technology Pty Ltd is a sustainable/alternate energy company.Its main focus is the supply of Low- and High-Pressure Solar Water Heaters. We commenced business in 2010, with on-going South African Bureau of Standards and Sustainable Energy South Africa.All our products are approved and certified by Eskom!...

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Solar Geyser Finance And Save Money


In sunny, warm locations, a SWH system is extremely cost effective. The biggest single consideration is the initial financial outlay. When calculating the total coat to own and operate, a proper analysis takes into consideration that Solar Energy is free, thus greatly reducing the operating cost...

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Solar Geyser Products By Solar Geysers Technology

Solar geyser products

Heating up water accounts for a good chunk of a home’s energy use. Solar is an excellent clean energy source and at Solar Geysers Technology we guarantee that we can find a Solar Solution for your unique requirements. Visit our Product Page for more information and tailored solutions

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Our solar
geyser products

Save on electricity usage
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Solar Geyser Conversion Solar Energy
Finance Calculator

Solar geyser Financial services

We understand and take into consideration that the biggest single consideration is the initial financial outlay. The total cost of ownership is comprehensively calculated to ensure that your budgetary requirements are met. Payment terms, product price and operational costs are included in our calculations.

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We provide all of your
solar geyser services

SABS Approved Solar Geysers

SABS approved solar geyser products

All our solar geyser products offered to you are  SABS  approved. Also, you can feel safe and trust with the quality of our solar geyser products.

Solar Geyser Guarantee

Our solar geyser guarantee to you

Purchasing a solar geyser system from us, you receive a five year manufacturing warrantee on your solar product.

Apollo Solar Technology Solar Geysers

Apollo Solar Technology solar geysers

We prefer to sell  Apollo Solar Technology  products due to their high quality and long lasting qualities. We offer Apollo Solar Technology geysers to at a very competitive and affordable cost.

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Solar geyser

Using the sun as our energy source,
is a great way of saving the environment
and also, money on electrical expenses.

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