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Notice, the solar geyser factory will be closed due to Covid-19 infections and for the safety of our employees until further notice.

Solar Geysers Technology solar geyser supplier and manufacturer

Solar Geysers technology is a leading SA solar geyser supplier and manufacturer which supply solar geyser products for the last fifteen years. We have excellent registered solar geyser distributors who conduct the installations of all our SA solar geysers in South Africa. Our aim is to provide everybody in South-Africa with the most effective solar geyser products available. Solar Geysers Technology SA Solar Technology solar geysers can save you a great amount of money on your electrical bills at the end of the month. Not solely will Solar Geysers Technology's SA Solar Technology solar geysers save you money, however, SA Solar Technology solar geysers additionally reduce the national electricity usage which also reduces the amount of pollution generated to make electricity. See all our SA Solar Technology Geysers and save on energy expenses today!

Solar Geyser Standing In Factory

Local solar geysers

Locally manufactured SA solar geysers

Our SA Solar Technology solar geyser products are manufactured locally with the highest quality solar geyser materials. We supplu our SA solar geysers to our solar geyser distributors across the nation. By using the highest quality stainless steel and other quality materials to produce the most premium and high-quality solar geyser products. Our staff of skilled solar experts work hard to plan and produce the best produced solar geyser products. Contact us today for a quality solar geyser product.

Solar Geyser Factory Production Of Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar geyser projects

Projects by our solar geysers factory

We provide SA Solar Technology solar geysers for large solar projects across South Africa. All our SA solar geysers are SABS approved. Our SA solar geysers are made from the highest-quality materials but also, the solar geysers are provided at an affordable and competitive price to suit the needs for all South Africans. All our solar geyser products are locally manufactured and thus, reducing the time for product availability on stock. Large quantity orders can be processes in less than 5 days.

Solar Geysers Technology Solar Geyser Manufacturing Machines

Solar geysers for South Africans

Local SA solar geyser distributors

All our SA Solar Technology solar geysers can directly be purchased through our trusted and local solar distributors located across South Africa. Therefore, South Africans can benefit more with lower prices buying a locally made solar geyser product directly from our solar distributors. SA Solar Technology solar geyser installations should comply with SANS regulations. Solar Geysers Technology has provided the most solar geysers into the South African market through distributors and installation projects with our SA Solar Technology systems.

Featured Products

Most popular SA Solar Technology solar geyser products manufactured by Solar Geysers technology.

SA Solar 20 Tube Solar Collector

SA Solar Technology 20 tube evacuated tube systems

Flat Plate Retrofit SA Solar Technology Solar Geyer Conversions

SA Solar Technology flat plate solar conversion collectors

SA Solar Technology solar geyser product factors

Solar Geysers Technology manufacture and offer only the best SA Solar Technology solar geyser systems. All our solar geysers are SABS approved and comes with a 5-year manufacturing warrantee.

SABS Approved Solar Geysers

SABS approved solar geyser products

All our solar geyser products offered to you are  SABS  approved. Also, you can feel safe and trust with the quality of our solar geyser products.

150 Liter High Pressure Solar Geyser Guarantee

Our solar geyser guarantee to you

All our SA Solar Technology solar geyser systems from Solar Geysers Technology, receives a five year manufacturing warrantee.

SA Solar Technology Solar Geysers

SA Solar Technology solar geysers

Our SA Solar Technology solar geyser systems are manufactured and designed by using only the best and highest-quality materials available on the market.


See what some of our clients have to say about our solar geyser products.

Amanda Pieterse

We are very satisfied with Solar Geysers Technology's solar geysers. They offer spot on services and it's very easy to place orders with them.

Frik Maree

Very affordable prices on your solar geyser products, the cost of the quality received is outstanding. We're definitely going to conduct business for a long time to come.

Thami Manonga

Our new installer had issues installing a SA Solar geyser. Solar Geysers Technology assisted us effectively and the solar system was installed without any problems.